Georgia’s Fire Protection Company

In 1988, Robert English ‘Lanny’ incorporated his fire protection business after purchasing some sprinkler inspection contracts from his father. With that, Fire Protection Services was officially born. Even back then, the FPS philosophy was to inspect and service all of the client’s fire and life safety equipment including fire extinguishers, kitchen hood suppression, and fire alarms. As one of the first full-service companies in the State of Georgia, we were not only able to save our customers money, but we also protected property, and maybe somewhere in the process we’ve also saved a few lives.

Our measure of success is partially based on how long our customers stay with us and the fact that many of our original clients from back in the early days still call us for service means we must be doing something right. In fact, many clients that go to the market to try another provider end up coming back to us, which we think says it all.

In 2015, an Atlanta Entrepreneur, Christian Dodder purchased the business. It was then that the current structure of Fire Protection Services began to take shape. With new colors, a new logo, a fleet of wrapped vehicles, an office in Atlanta, and more staff, FPS began to provide services across the state. By early 2019, Christian, along with partner Adam Heiser, had made the commitment to the Atlanta marketplace with a formal long-term lease. Now, with two flagship locations in Perry and Atlanta, a friendly competition for growth had begun. With so much opportunity in both locations, it is hard to say where the third location will be!

We Stand For



Doing the right thing 100% of the time, even when it may be difficult for ourselves or the customer.


Builds strong relationships with a diverse team. The team should practice good listening, active communication, accept feedback, implement decisions, and share credit.


Basing one’s actions knowing that the outcome has an impact on the team. This brings about support and reliability amongst team members to not act selfishly and to be willing to help to correct the negative actions of another team member.

Always Improving

On a daily basis, we look to improve our knowledge and skills through experience or being taught. Activities will be based on improving our awareness and identity. We will develop our talents and potential so that they can help us realize our dreams and aspirations.


Behaving in a manner that is welcome to others; that is enjoyable; and that brings respect to the workplace. A pleasant team member is approachable and a joy to be around.

Service Excellence

We expect more of ourselves than our clients do of us. We do it right the first time, every time.

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