Managing Deficiencies

During an inspection, items that are identified as needing to be corrected, replaced, or fixed are called deficiencies. A system with deficiencies gets a yellow tag. At FPS, we understand the importance of addressing deficiencies in a timely manner. Here are the steps that will be taken as we work together to ensure your systems are fully operational:

  • Upon completion of your inspection, your reports will be available and you will receive an Inspection Invoice.
  • Within a few business days of the completed inspection, you will receive a Repair Estimate detailing the work needed to address your system deficiencies.
  • After receiving the approved Repair Estimate with your signature, we will schedule your repairs.
  • Upon completion of the repairs, your system will be green tagged and you will receive a Repair Invoice.
  • Once your repairs are done, your inspection is considered complete.
  • We will contact you 4-6 weeks before your next inspection is due. If you need service before then, please contact our Service Department for assistance.

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY