A fire extinguisher is the first line of defense to keep commercial buildings and occupants safe in the event of a fire. But sometimes having a fire extinguisher isn’t enough.

  • Is it readily accessible in the event of a fire?
  • If it fully charged and working properly?
  • Is it show signs of rust?
  • Is it leaking or dented?

If your fire extinguisher isn’t properly inspected or maintained, you’re putting your property at risk for fire damage!

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There’s nothing scarier than an unexpected fire and an inoperable fire extinguisher. Fire Protection Services can service your fire extinguishers to ensure that they are ready. During an inspection, our technicians perform routine fire extinguisher tests that check how well your extinguisher would operate in an emergency situation.

  • Annual Inspections – NFPA 10 and your local jurisdiction require fire extinguisher inspections.
  • 6-Year Maintenance – The fire extinguisher is broken down and checked for damage. The “O” ring and gaskets are replaced and the extinguisher is recharged.
  • Hydro-test – Every 12 years the fire extinguisher is tested for defects. If the cylinder passes it is recharged and put back in service. (Required every 5 years for some units.)

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires annual fire extinguisher inspections to help ensure it will be operable in the event of a fire emergency. Along with annual inspections, you should consider monthly fire extinguisher inspections that will help you notice if you need to schedule maintenance or repair!

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Fire extinguishers often go untouched for months as a time. But that doesn’t mean they don’t encounter situations that cause bumps, dents, leaks, or rust. If your fire extinguisher exhibits any of these defects, it may be impaired! Call Fire Protection Services for fire extinguisher maintenance. We can assess the situation and offer repair or replacement service depending on the extremity of the situation.

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If you’ve recently used your fire extinguisher or a fire extinguisher inspection revealed that your extinguisher is low on pressure or extinguishing chemical, you’ve come to the right place! Fire Protection Services knows that the difference between a fully charged and mostly charged fire extinguisher could be life and death. Our fire protection specialists can repair and recharge your extinguisher so you’re ready to face any situation.

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Fire Extinguisher Inspection Services in Georgia

Ready to schedule an annual fire extinguisher inspection? Does your extinguisher have defects on it? Need a recharge or a refill? Fire Protection Services can help! If you are not sure when you should schedule your next fire extinguisher inspection, maintenance, or test, give our fire protection specialists a call today.

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