Fire Protection Services Marks 3rd Year of New Ownership With Tech-Spurred Growth

Fire Protection Services Backflow Inspection

Fire Protection Services Offers Fire and Life Safety Equipment Inspections for Commercial Buildings throughout Georgia including Perry, Warner Robins, Macon, Atlanta, Central Georgia, and North Georgia.


While Fire Protection Services LLC is currently celebrating its 30th year of successfully ensuring the effectiveness of life safety equipment in Georgia, this past month marked another milestone as the company completed its third year under new ownership. And it might not be a stretch to say that the company has undergone more change in the past three years than it had during the previous 27-year time frame. Change that has more than doubled the number of clients, quadrupled the Fire Protection Services’ workforce and led to the establishment of an Atlanta-based office.  


New Ownership Improves Efficiency with Technology Upgrades


Perhaps the most noticeable change from the perspective of the field technicians has been the adoption of new technologies that make inspections more effective. Prior to 2015, field technicians conducted their inspections with clipboards, pens, and paper. But that method was replaced by wireless smart devices and inspection software, in what was one of the first changes made by new owner Christian Dodder, and his partners, Adam Heiser and Chris Nasser.

“All of our field work flow is now done on smart devices,” says Christian, noting that technicians can easily access whatever information they need to conduct a thorough inspection, or initiate maintenance and repairs, without having to return to the office. Christian adds that most clients love the new digitized inspection online reporting, though some still ask for printed paper copies. Along with improving the efficiency of the inspection process, Christian says the technology ensures a more thorough inspection, and that all technical parameters are covered within the context of repairs and maintenance.


Technology Efficiencies Lead to Growth


The efficiencies offered by the new mobile device and software technologies has allowed the company to expand its operations. Prior to 2015, Fire Protection Services provided inspection, maintenance, and repair services to about 1,200 facilities per year, but is now serving about 3,000. The company had seven employees in 2015, but now has 25, and is seeking out more. This growth led to the need for new office space and spurred the opening of the new Atlanta office. It is also falling in line with the new owner’s goal of providing the best and most thorough full-service fire-safety inspections across the entire state of Georgia.    

Christian attributes the successful adoption of the new technologies, and subsequent growth, in part to his legacy employees. They helped him learn the processes utilized in inspections, maintenance, and repairs, and provided insights into how to shift from paper to digital reporting and diagnostics.

“When out in the field, the technician is the boss,” says Christian. “I listen to them.”          

Along with the technology advancements and recent growth, Fire Protection Services has changed its look. The company has a new logo and bold new color scheme designed to distinguish it from other companies in the life-safety inspection business. “We’re proud of our work in fire safety and want people to recognize us,” says Christian.



Company Ready to Face Challenges Going Forward


As the company is currently up to date in the technology department, Christian says the biggest challenge facing the company is growing and how to meet the demand with qualified employees who will work well with the company’s culture. “We’re highly selective,” says Christian. Not only do potential employees need a certain level of expertise in the business, but they must also be personable, customer-oriented, thorough and always willing to learn. Christian concludes that all Fire Protection Services employees adhere to a set of core values that consist of:

  • Integrity
  • Always Improving
  • Good Collaboration
  • Accountable
  • Practice Service Excellence
  • Pleasant


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“Everyone at Fire Protection Services expects this from each other,” says Christian. “Follow these values and you’ll fit in well with the company.”

Turn to Us for Your Life Safety Equipment Inspection and Maintenance   


Fire Protection Services LLC was founded in 1988 by Robert English “Lanny,” as a company devoted to inspecting and servicing Central Georgia clients’ fire and life safety equipment to ensure that it will effectively protect property and save lives. The company was purchased in 2015 by Christian Dodder and his partners with the goal of expanding the business’s success and devotion to safety across the entire state of Georgia.  

As a full-service fire and life safety system inspection, testing, and maintenance business, Fire Protection Services’ technicians are licensed and certified to inspect, test and maintain:


Protecting your business against fire may not be your first priority — but it is ours! Fire Protection Services provides fire and life safety system testing, inspection, maintenance, and repair for commercial properties throughout Georgia. We service all makes and models of fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, vent hood suppression, and backflow preventers. With over 30 years in the industry, we can make sure your fire prevention and protection systems are up-to-code and ready to fight fire in the event of an emergency. If you’re located in Georgia, call us today to schedule a visit from one of our licensed and experienced technicians.

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