Georgia Fire Inspection Compliance Tips

fire inspection tips

Georgia Fire Inspection Tips

Time for your building’s annual fire inspection in Georgia? Staying compliant means being on top of the most updated fire, sprinkler, and safety laws in your specific district. Here are tips for staying compliant from your Georgia sprinkler company, Fire Protection Services LLC.

Inspect on Your Own Time

The best way to ensure you pass your annual compliance inspection is to regularly have your fire protection systems inspection independently. At Fire Protection Services, we regularly inspect everything from wet sprinkler systems to fire pumps to stand pipes for clients all over Georgia. These inspections often turn up serious issues that could have resulted in unsafe conditions and/or regulatory fines if not repaired by our experienced technicians.

Know the NFPA Standards

Most regulatory bodies use the standards set forth by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to determine compliance. The NFPA outlines hundreds of standards for building compliance, from residential dwellings to large retail complexes. To save time, work with a knowledgeable fire systems maintenance provider like Fire Protection Systems who stay abreast of the latest codes on your behalf.

Be Thankful for Inspections

Remember that compliance standards exist to keep people safe! Did you know that 80% of small businesses that experience a large fire never reopen? Or that you may receive a significant reduction on your insurance premiums by making your building more fire-protected? There are myriad benefits to better fire protection and utilities besides simply staying compliant.

Are you worried about staying compliant?

The team at Fire Protection Services LLC helps businesses around Atlanta stay up-to-date on the latest fire codes, safety regulations, and sprinkler technologies. From online reporting to backflow prevention, we’re on speed dial at many of Atlanta’s premiere restaurants, apartment complexes, and retail destinations.

How can Fire Protection Services LLC help you pass your compliance inspection in Georgia?

We’re ready to assist.