Oval Brand Fire Extinguishers for Georgia Healthcare Facilities

oval brand fire extinguishers

Fire Protection Services Now Distributing Oval Brand Fire Extinguishers

Oval Brand Fire Extinguishers Especially Designed for Healthcare Facilities

Fire Protection Services, an Atlanta-based inspection and maintenance company, will officially begin distributing Oval Brand Fire Extinguishers as of Q4 2017.

The extinguishers, designed specifically to fit hospital and medical facility corridors, round out Fire Protection Services’ comprehensive fire protection offerings.

Oval Fire Extinguishers are a product that fill a very specific niche,” says Christian Dodder, President of Fire Protection Services, LLC. “They’ve been designed specifically to comply with the codes and regulations that pertain to medical facilities, making them highly desirable for hospitals, doctor’s offices, and nursing homes here in Georgia.”

As an official Oval Brand distributor, Fire Protection Services’ clients will be able to purchase Oval Fire Extinguishers directly, as recommended for their businesses.

Due to a significant change in the NFPA-101 Life Safety Code in 2012, healthcare, hospital, and other ambulatory facilities are now subject to highly stringent ADA compliance rules.

As per the regulations, upheld in a federal court in late 2016, wall-mounted fire safety devices that above 38” high can protrude no further than 4” from the wall; there are additional specifications in place for cabinet-mounted extinguishers.

Oval Brand fire products model lines 10H and 10J are designed specifically with these regulations in mind making them the first and only extinguishers built for NFPA-101 compliance.

In addition to Oval fire extinguishers, Fire Protection Services offers a wide array of safety services for businesses all over Atlanta and middle Georgia.

In addition to annual inspections, FPS helps companies install sprinkler systems, perform regular safety maintenance, and even carry out backflow prevention testing, all at an affordable price.

“We’re in the business of making fire protection and mandatory compliance as simple as possible for our customers,” says Dodder. “Oval Brand Fire Products are helping us do just that.”

FIRE PROTECTION SERVICES is a leader in Georgia fire protection. Founded in 1988, the firm services businesses, restaurants, medical facilities, and more all over the state, specializing in competitive pricing and unparalleled customer service.

To find out more about Fire Protection Services and NFPA-compliant Oval fire extinguishers, visit the brand’s website at www.FireProtectionServicesLLC.com or call the metro Atlanta office at 404-948-6803.